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The Porn chick I love to read sexual stories, what do you have for me?. In the digital era we have that many people like to read erotic or sexual stories, which can even be considered a type of art. And yes before the internet existed and perhaps the TV the way to see porn or know about eroticism was through literature. I personally enjoy reading a good erotic book. Sometimes what you can imagine with that text you’re reading can be more pleasurable and creative than seeing it in a movie. Plus these stories are usually written by brilliant minds.

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Usually these categories are more acclaimed by women. Because although they have a great erotic tinge. They also tend to be romantic, but do not believe beyond romanticism there is an intellectual link between who reads and is read. So guys, read a sex story of a great author or say that you like to write erotic novels can be a great way to attract girls.

Sex stories sites

Although it may seem obvious you will find many stories with sexual overtones. Although these can be as varied as conventional porn. As there are also categories and levels of stories, some more sensual, and with details while others are more explicit, and talk about harder sex. It all depends on your tastes.

And as I said before these stories are usually written by people who have a great sensitivity to literature and enjoy to make imagine with words. For many others this may seem boring, but it is not. In sexuality there are different ways of expressing and feeling. Therefore, what can be very exciting for one. Maybe it is not for others, an example of this is the bdsm, a practice that is not for everyone.

Anyway I made you a list of sites with great writers and wonderful texts that you can read. I selected the best erotic literature sites you can find on the internet. All at a click.


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