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If you are an escort lover you should know that Latin escorts have the reputation of being the hottest ones. Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela etc. They have the fame of being the best tourist destinations to have sex and find one of the best erotic experiences you will have in your life. For them many foreigners travel to this, it is perhaps better than Las Vegas. More paradisiacal.

Porn sites colombian

So if someday you decide to travel to a Latin country. Or you are in one of these countries I made you an incredible list of the best escorts Latinas sites. Where you can find escorts from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and more. And these hot Latin girls are ready to please you for a few dollars.

But if you happen to be in another part of the world. Don’t worry we have a list of escorts sites in America, Asian, Europe and Oceania. So that wherever you are, you can look for that escort girl or boy you are looking for.

I will also help you to solve several doubts that usually arise when you have never hired escorts before. And they are valid.

Escorts charge in Latin America

Perhaps one of the best benefits of these countries is that their currency is much cheaper than paying in Dollars or Euros. So it will be much cheaper to hire a top escort in Colombia than in the US for example.

And although depending on the country this will change. I can tell you that the average is 30 usd for a very good girl, sexy, clean and hotter than you can imagine. I recommend if you are in one of these countries pay in your local currency. For example in Colombia 30 usd is equivalent to 120,000 Colombian pesos or in Mexico 600 Mexican pesos.

And if you want to hire one of those girls that look like magazine models. For 150usd you can find one of those women that give you a hard-on just by looking at them. Operated if you like them that way, and that can speak your language.

Hire Escorts in Colombia

Sex work is legal in some of these countries. There are some “tolerance zones” but due to the economic problems of most of these countries. There is a lot of poverty and scammers, so we do not recommend if you are a tourist to take them to your home or hotel.

However, these sites that we have mentioned are very safe and popular in these countries. And many have rating systems, so the escorts will try to keep this rating high, that is why we recommend these sites. However, in our recommendations we always say to use your intelligence. I know you are very excited but avoid scams or bad experiences.

It is also common to find girls on the streets offering their sexual services. But it is up to you if you like to take a little risk or go to a platform that can give you a little more security.

Colombia escort sites

Finally, maybe one of the best experiences you can live is in Latin America. that’s why it is perhaps one of the most sought after sites for escorts. So if one day you want an experience, with a girl or maybe two, sucking your dick at the same time. This is the place.

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Brazilian escorts

Personal information

Good photos

⊗ The site does not look very professional

Pasion prepagos

  escorts of Colombia and Uruguay

You can view the reviews

Have prices

⊗  Does’nt look very professional


Model Reviews

Escorts from different cities in Brazil

⊗ Difficult to use

⊗  Many Ads


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Don Colombia

Escorts in Colombia find in Don colombia, escorts in Medellin, Bogotá and more
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