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RedTube a Clasic Site

RedTube is a classic. As it was one of the first porn sites for many of us. It is one of the giants and on this planet they will always dominate much of the pornography. As part of the Pornhub Network campaign.

Will deliver you the best porn videos you have ever seen and since we are in the era of high definition. You will find many videos with great image quality. It’s that place you can always count on to bring you free porn content at a steady rate. As part of the Pornhub network. RedTube is known for the unbelievable number of amazing porn videos. That they allow their users to stream for absolutely free.

One of the first RedTube porn websites

The quality of the free videos here isn’t the worst. but it’s certainly not the best either. Most of the clips run between 480p and 720p.

Some of the newer ones are available in what I think is 1080p. But at a fairly low bitrate. Like other free sex tubes. RedTube offers you the ability to download clips directly to your PC.

Has a long history dating back to 2007, when it was first launched. That same year. Wired listed it in the top 5 fastest growing websites. Just two years later it had an exceptional Alexa ranking. finishing in the top 100. It fell in 2010 but came back in 2012.

Since 2009 it was acquired by MindGeek. But it was not the only one since both Pornhub and YouPorn were also bought by the company, which has been its property since then. Red Tube is based in Texas and has servers on both coasts of North America.


What can you find on RedTube?

The video previews that show you real mini videos of the action instead of still images taken from the video. In a nutshell it is a Youtube of porn something that the rest of the sites do not have.

Regardless. This site has hundreds of thousands of clips and seems to update almost every hour with a new clip. You’ll get a mix of professional and hobbyist. But it’s mostly the former that ends up on RedTube.

Unbuckle your seatbelt. Because the greats are here! RedTube is undoubtedly one of the giants and on this planet they will always dominate much of the pornography.

Pros & Cons

  • Plenty of nudes to stroke to
  • Free porn videos
  • Lots of ADS
  • Boring design
  • Some videos have broken links

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